Field Day 2017

Blue Ridge Amateur Radio Society – 2017 Field Day Site Hunt
We are in need of your assistance to help find a 2017 Field Day site! We want to vote on our Field Day site location at the May 2017 meeting. The criteria for a Field Day site are:
-Is located in Greenville County
-Has sufficient trees for some level of shade and mounting of antennas
-Is not located on a paved lot
-Is easily accessible by vehicles with two-wheel drive
-Will accommodate camping (tents, RVs, or camper-trailers)
-Will accommodate portable toilets if necessary

Do you have a site in mind that meets the criteria above, if so:
-Contact the property owner to inquire if they would be willing to host us
-Take photographs of the site from various perspectives
-Provide basic information about the site such as location, elevation, etc.
– Send the information to Robert (WR8RW) at:

Thanks and 73 for your help!!!

Author: kd4dra

I have been licensed since 1992. I hold the position of NewsLetter Editor for the Blue Ridge Amateur Radio Society, "BRARS" I am active in Ham Radio on VHF,UHF, and the HF bands, operating in many modes, and I still learn something everyday. IF I could give you a heads up, Plan for retirement early, have your radios and antennas in place and ready to enjoy. I was not ready, but I'm almost there. See you soon, 73