Lets Get together


The Golden Strip area Meet and Greet is this Friday, at the Carolina Fine foods in Simpsonville, it starts at 6:30…. Also our next club meeting is June 6th, at the Red Cross in Greenville, it starts at 7:30. We’ll be finalizing the Field Day Location and other stuff.
I Hope you can make it to one of these locations.

Great Hamfest

The Hamfest was Great this Year, we had a good turn out.
Well this morning I got word that a outside trash can turn up missing, someone may have loaded it up by mistake, well that will cost us $50. Maybe someone will notice they have an extra 55 gallon trash can and return it.
TrashCan Theif

Next BRARS Meeting

We have a meeting Monday (May 2nd) at 7:30 at the Red Cross Bldg. on Grove Road.

We will have Hamfest tickets for sale, there will not be a Program for this meeting, we will
devote this time, to final preparation for the Hamfest.
Check updated vendors page: http://www.blueridgears.org/brars/upstatehamfest/vendors/

Come and visit with us tonight and volunteer to help with the Hamfest .
you’ll have fun doing it.

MS Walk 4/24/16

BRARS, Handled the Communication for the MS Walk today.
Thanks Brent, KE4UJA..Mark, KM4AHP..and Steven, AJ4QA.
Next Year you could get a nice T-shirt, and some good food, for about 3 hours of fun.


Nice T-Shirt


Before the Crowd


After the Crowd