Meet / Greet and Eat

Check out one of the Meet and Greets this Friday.

Hibachi Grill @ 3032 Wade Hampton Blvd. Taylors, in the Wal-Mart Shopping center. It starts around 7:30 every Friday.

Carolina Fine Foods on Main St. Simpsonville at 6:30  (Notice) the 3rd Friday of the Month.

CU at a location near you.


Hand Held Devices

In the latest push by Greenville lawmakers to make handheld devices illegal while driving.  Apparently, based upon the most recent information available,

mobile amateur radio operation would be in violation of this ordinance.
Is there someone available to represent the   Blue Ridge Amateur Radio Society at the public hearing this evening at 5:30?  The meeting is on the 10th floor of City Hall.

Thank you.

Rick, KD4DRA
Tom Vaughan sent me this link, I believe it covers us.


Location          Frequency         Offset          Tone                       When

Greenville         146.610                -                                     Each night at 9 pm

Anderson         146.790                 –                                    Each night at 8:30 pm

Greenwood      147.165                +              107.2             Thursday night at 9 pm

Laurens            146.865                -               107.2             Sunday Night at 8:30 pm

Mt Mitchell         145.190               –                                     Saturday Night at 9 pm



Hurricane Watch Net Seeks New Members for Net Control Stations

HWNWith the 2013 hurricane season approaching, the National Hurricane Center (NHC) in Miami and the Hurricane Watch Net (HWN) are gearing up for what could be a very active storm season. In preparation for the upcoming season, the HWN is currently seeking new members who can serve as net control stations. The HWN provides on-the-ground, real-time weather data from Amateur Radio operators who volunteer their time to monitor their calibrated home weather stations. The stations report that data to the HWN, who in turn reports it to WX4NHC, the Amateur Radio station at the NHC. “The Hurricane Watch Net relies on volunteer operators — our members — who serve as our net control stations,” HWN Net Manager Bobby Graves, KB5HAV, told the ARRL. “HWN members are hams who have above-average stations, are capable of effectively conducting HF net operations and are willing to commit their time to operating in support of the HWN’s mission during net activations.” Read more.