Letter from Marc, N4UFP


Greetings to all Amateur Radio Operators.  This is Marc, N4UFP with the
May 2015 South Carolina Section Manager’s Report.  Please remember
that the SC Section website can be found at: www.arrlsc.org/  

I received information from Tom Francis, W1TEF, regarding changes to
the SC QSO Party for 2015.  A lot of changes have been made, some of
which I will summarize here. The full text of his message will be
posted to the arrlsc website for those who would like more details. 

SC QSO PARTY 2015 Changes
The points package was changed to encourage participation by in-state
amateur operators by doubling the points available for contacting
out-of-state amateurs. 
In-state counties now count as multipliers. 
Two Bonus Stations will be added - the Columbia Amateur Radio Club who
is the event sponsor and the Swamp Fox Contest Group. These stations
will be on for the entire 13 hours of the contest.
There is now a  50 Q minimum requirement for any category winner (a
points winner that doesn't make the 50 Q qualifier will also get
recognition - a commemorative coffee mug with the Swamp Fox and CARC
logo, their category and callsign.)

More information can be found at the SCQP website,

This year’s SC QSO party will take place on 19 September 2015,
beginning at 1400 Z and running for 13 hours on the 160, 80, 40, 20,
15, 10, and 6 meter bands. I encourage you to put your county on the
air, make some contacts and have fun!

That’s all for this month.

Meet / Greet and Eat


Check out one of the Meet and Greets this Friday.

The Greer area changes locations, so listen to the net (146.610) for the location.

Carolina Fine FOODS in Simpsonville at 6:30  (Notice) the 3rd Friday of the Month

CU at a location near you.